Cadbury’s 'new' Creme Egg: a storm in an eggcup

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The Lovefood team just aren’t that bothered by changes to the classic.

After Cadbury admitted to changing the recipe of its much-loved Creme Eggs, there was an outcry in the press.

The chocolate shell of the eggs used to be Dairy Milk, but this is no longer the case. A spokesman for Cadbury confirmed to the Sun newspaper that the chocolate is now a “standard cocoa mix chocolate.”

While admitting that he hadn’t tried the new eggs, a Guardian writer called the new breed an ‘abomination’, while the Telegraph says there is "outrage" over the changes.

The changes come, of course, following Cadbuy's villainous decision to stop making Christmas chocolate coins last year.

What’s different?

Surely these are the end of days: Kraft is the devil's company, there’s fire in the sky and the riots will start any time now.

Except that, actually, the new eggs taste fine.

Easter isn’t ruined

The new eggs are sold individually and in boxes of three and five. While each egg in the five-pack is now seven pence more expensive than it was in the old six-pack sold in previous years, it’s hardly a bank-breaking expense for a rare treat.

And the chocolate doesn’t taste different. We thought that the shells might be slightly thicker than before, but perhaps we’re imagining that. Both Managing Editor Simon and I agreed that the really vital part of a Creme Egg is its gooey centre. The chocolate is important, but the flavour tends to get overwhelmed by the sweet fondant in the middle.

Honestly, I can’t tell a difference between this year’s version and the old ones.

The only real question left to be answered is why Creme Eggs are always in the shops in January.

Have you tried the new Creme Eggs? What do you think? Is Easter ruined? Let us know in the Comments below.

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