The five most seductive foods

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If you're out to seduce someone this Valentines, what are the best foods to put on the menu for getting your wicked way? Katie Bryson takes a look at food to get you in the mood.

If you're out to seduce someone this Valentines, maybe you've got plans to cook a sensual meal in flickering candlelight, or perhaps wine and dine them in an intimate restaurant. But can food really have an aphrodisiac effect on us?

Well scientifically it's ambiguous, but it's the suggestiveness of how things look and taste that can give us a one track mind. And according to experts if your mind is seduced your body is quick to follow!

Amy Reiley, author of Fork Me, Spoon Me & The Love Diet and creator of believes sensuality is really all about stopping and taking in pleasure with all of the senses. “Any dish that tempts the senses in scent, texture, taste or visual appeal can be seductive,” claims the sexy foodie.

So on that note here are the top five foods you should have on the menu for a fruity February 14th:

1) Seafood

Oysters are not just a cliché, according to experts like Reiley they are a good source of zinc and lean protein both essential for the bedroom lambada. 

Not everyone's brave enough to pour them down their throats though! Scallops are less intimidating - velvety, juicy and very alluring.

Foodie supermarket Waitrose suggest you try them grilled with Heston from Waitrose Vanilla salt (50g £4.99) sprinkled on the top - a delicious and impressive starter.

2) Spices

There's a reason why spicing things up feels good. Chillis are known to raise body temperature, make the tongue tingle, cheeks flush and lips plump seductively. Don't forget about Ginger though, it's credited with improving the circulation to, ahem, your bits and bobs.

Check out Portobello Road's famous Spice Shop for their veritable library of over 1,000 spices to get your loved one's pulse racing. 

3) Red Meat

Juicy and primeval – not many carnivorous men will fail to be won by a steak. Full of virile iron and often reserved for a special occasion – it's hard not to feel special when someone lovingly prepares you a perfectly cooked piece of beef.

Here are some fabulous beef recipes by top chefs for you to try:

Jamie Oliver’s rib-eye stir fry

Andrea Oliver’s brisket of beef

Tom Aikens’ beef stew

Or why not try making a roast shoulder of lamb from the Cowdray Farm Shop.

4) Chocolate

Not a cheap box of Celebrations mind, we're talking full throttle Belgian bliss like Pierre Marcollini's sexy creations or something daring from UK chocolatier Paul A Young.

Would you have the bottle to tempt someone with his award-winning Port and Stilton truffles? Chocolate is well known for its feel-good factor... especially for women so you simply cannot miss this off your menu d'amour.

5) Fruit

Take a break from strawberries, and get fruity with more seasonal offerings like Blood Oranges, Passion Fruit or Pomegranates – pluck some ruby red seeds out and stir them into your fizz for a sensual cocktail.

We say one thing...

...but do another. A survey from travel company Tuscany Now has revealed that although 42% of us consider Italian food the most romantic, in reality we're actually far more likely to tuck into steak and chips, with a quarter of us opting for this meal. Going out for an Italian meal on Valentine's Day was only really a favourite among 18-25 year olds, and nearly three-quarters of over 55s said they'd rather stay in.

In fact, slightly more people said that they didn't eat anything special on Valentine's Day than those who said they had a steak dinner. So it doesn't look like we really care much these days.

To be avoided

There is evidence that celery has a similar scent to the male pheromone and raw celery root has been used as a cure for impotence. Not totally convinced that this is a good enough reason to feed it to your intended, and as for eating alleged aphrodisiac deer penis – that's just WEIRD and will probably leave you SINGLE.

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