Easy vegetables and herbs for children to grow

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Get the kids into the fresh food habit by letting them grow their own. Here are five easy seeds to start off with.

With the summer holidays now here, you might be looking for something to occupy the little ‘uns. Might we suggest a spot of grow your own?

You don’t need a garden; in fact it’s arguably easier and better for the kids to grow your seeds in pots, without the threat of them being nibbled by predators such as birds or slugs.

So here are five veggies and herbs to get you started in your greenfingered adventures.


Cress (Wikimedia Commons)

The classic starter for young gardeners, cress can be grown using just a saucer and some kitchen towels. Or you can pop the seeds in an empty eggshell and add some facial features to create your very own cress head. When it’s ready, use it in egg mayonnaise sandwiches or to pepper up your salads.



Radishes (Wikimedia Commons)

A quick grower, which is useful when you have impatient young gardeners eager to see (and eat) the results of their labour.

Radish and pea salad recipe



Lettuce (Wikimedia Commons)

You can grow different varieties of lettuce year round and the seeds sprout quickly, helping to keep the interest levels. You can also feed it to pet rabbits.

Five great lettuce recipes



Mint (Wikimedia Commons)

Mint can over-run a garden if you let it escape. But keep it contained and tended in a pot and you can harvest it as and when you need it. The colour and smell should also excite the kids.

Avocado, mint, chilli and feta salad recipe



Oregano (Wikimedia Commons/Thomas Then)

Another rapid grower, this one should be appreciated by the children for its taste as well as its appearance. Add it to pizzas or pasta dishes for an extra fresh kick.


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