Top 10 summer salad recipes

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Summer weather = summer produce. So ditch the oven and rustle up a hearty summer salad instead.

Halloumi and fig

Crispy, squeaky, salty, gorgeous grilled halloumi adds texture and protein to a salad. Donna Hay’s halloumi, fig and pomegranate salad is made even more fantastically fresh with a sprinkle of mint, and would be well suited to match a glass of crisp white wine.

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Feta, turkey and lentil

Feta saladTurkey gets a little dry sometimes, but cook it gently and mix it up with lentils and vegetables so that it remains moist. The salty feta helps to lighten up and bring out the subtler flavours, while the balsamic syrup offers a sharp tang for your palate to savour.

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Fennel, rocket and pear salad

Fennel saladA burst of peppery rocket, slithers of crunchy fennel and juicy, ripe, thin pear slices. Dress all this with a little lemon juice and olive oil, before tossing over a few poppy seeds – pine nuts could also work well here. The salad will take less than 15 minutes to throw together and tastes amazing.

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Poached egg and carrots

egyptianExperimental with your salads? Then do as the Egyptians do, and create an impressive vegetarian Egyptian salad of cumin carrots, pine nuts, sesame seeds, sourdough croutons, red chilli, fresh mint, watercress, garlic and, last but not least, a perfectly poached egg on top. Phew!

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Orzo with lemon and pine nuts

Orzo with crispy cabbageThis salad is actually great all year round, and survives well in a box for a more refreshing working lunch. The soft orzo and crunchy pine nuts fuse to give each mouthful varying textures, while a rush of garlic and lemon gives it a fresh savoury moreish taste.

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Tagliata with rocket and parmesan

TagliataIf you're thinking salad, beef is often too heavy a choice. But if you're dead set on red meat, thinly slice it, quickly sear it, and set the strips down on a bed of rocket. Watercress and baby spinach leaves can bulk things out, and you can leave out the parmesan if you think it'll be too salty.

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Avocado, mint, chilli & feta

avocado mint chilli feta saladLike the orzo salad, this isn't strictly speaking a 'summer' salad but it works in all the seasons. Author Peter Sidwell likes it in winter, but the refreshing mint, feta and fiery chilli are every bit as good on a warm day. Speaking of feta, a simple combination of watermelon slices and cubed feta is a real summer winner.

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Plum, tomato and gorgonzola


Fresh and fruity. Pick the sweetest, freshest plums and tomatoes you can get your mitts on, and try not to scoff them all while you're putting the salad together. Use sweet potatoes, gorgonzola and toasted pecan nuts to top off this exquisite salad.

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Chicken with poached cherries

Chicken saladAnother fruity option with cherries poached in red wine to give a beautiful subtle boozy flavour; best served with a glass of the same. Carve apart a chicken for its tender meat and serve with grilled courgette, pea shoots, radishes, and whatever else takes your fancy.

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Strawberry and spinach

SaladNo other food screams "summer!" quite as loudly as strawberries. Here, quickly sautéed spinach with meltingly soft Bayonne ham is topped with a black pepper dressing and juicy fresh strawberries as well as some fresh baby spinach leaves for a bit of crunch.

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