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It's National Curry Week... but give the takeaway a miss and make one of these great dishes instead.

National Curry Week has fallen on the same week as National Chocolate Week. Talk about stiff competition, but we couldn't let the week go by without running through some of our favourite curries.

National Curry Week supports the charities Find Your Feet and Action Against Hunger. Find Your Feet is a charity which helps farmers in Asia and Africa grow enough food to feed themselves and make more money, by teaching them sustainable agriculture techniques.

Perhaps you could invite some friends round for a homemade curry, and get every one to chip in towards the fund as 'payment' for their meal?

The globetrotter

Lamb dopiazaA dish that's travelled back across from Britain to India, Anjum Anand's lamb dopiaza is one to be prepared in advance if you can, as lamb is a meat that lets flavours really soak in over time. Anjum recommends cooking the dish with bones (remove for serving) to add depth to the flavour.

The one kids can make

Potato curryUrvashi Roe's young daughter can cook this delicately spiced potato curry recipe, and it's perfect for young palates as it's not too hot.

It's also a very cheap and filling dish, and would do well in a lunchbox.

The cheapie

Chick pea and potato curryThis chick pea and potato curry for four can be created for under £3, even though it contains coconut milk.

If you're on a very tight budget, try looking in discounters, where they sell coconut milk for well under a pound. Or you can substitute the coconut milk for a tin of chopped tomatoes if you prefer.

The Thai option

Thai green curry with king prawnsWe couldn't leave out a Thai curry, especially when it's as good as this authentic green Thai curry with king prawns served with jasmine rice.

Lemongrass, thai basil, lime and shrimp paste give this recipe that classic Thai food tang. Add extra garlic to taste.

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