Top soup recipes

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It's easy to make, fairly cheap, and like a big hug in a bowl. Here are our best soup recipes.

The herby one

Herby potato soup with spiced crab fritter, the perfect tonic for those chilly nights (pictured above). Make a simple, smooth soup from double cream, potatoes, shallots, fresh thyme, curly parsley and a little butter, then posh it up with an elegant lightly spiced crab fritter garnish. The fritter will take you but moments to prepare and is well worth the effort, especially if you're entertaining. 

The mushroom one

soupIt's hard to perfect a mushroom soup... luckily, James Martin has done it for us. You'll need double cream, field mushrooms, a wodge of garlic, shallots, chicken (or veg) stock, chervil, and a hearty handful of wild mushrooms. It's ready and on the table in just over half an hour.



Bacon soupThe bacon one

Nothing really says 'love' like bacon, so why not cook this one up for your family on a cold day? An autumnal base of blitzed butternut squash garnished with crispy deep-fried sage, roasted pumpkin seeds and salty bacon.


Roast veg soupThe video recipe one

Do you have trouble following a recipe? Well Simon Goodman's sweet potato and parsnip soup recipe has a video so you can see exactly how it's made. The truffle oil adds a bit of luxury, but is by no means essential.




Most of these soups call for stock, and while you can use a cube or jelly version, their flavour and depth will be drastically improved by the real thing. Here are some top tips on making stock. A word too on bread - if you’ve any leftover or on the turn, here are some great tips on how to put it to good use. Finally, if you're after a terrible soup joke to groan at while you're cooking, there's plenty here

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