Top 10 sausage recipes

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Celebrate British Sausage Week with our 10 favourite banger recipes for you to try at home.

Chorizo sausage rolls

rollThe perfect party nibble, made from only four ingredients – mini cooking chorizo, puff pastry, egg yolk and fennel seeds – and ready in 20 minutes. Sausage rolls are perfect for picnics and always seem to be the first thing to go. So make sure you make a double batch!

Comforting pork and apple casserole

pork and apple casseroleIdeal in winter, this casserole makes good use of many people's favourite pair: pork and apple, plus loads of fresh herbs and a helping of dry cider. You could actually slow cook this one if you had the potatoes and sausages cooked off, which would make it even more delicious...

Ultimate sausage sandwich

sarnieWe love Tom Aikens’ recipe for a classic sausage sandwich. It calls for higher welfare Cumberland sausages, sautéed onions, smoked streaky bacon, unsweetened brioche (or milk bread), lots of butter, HP sauce, ketchup, and a good grinding of salt and pepper. Can anything beat it?

Hot sausage roast

sausageRavinder Bhogal’s hot sausage roast is one of our most popular recipes. Flattering comments include, ‘really enjoyed this’; ‘lovely, tasty and easy to prepare’; and ‘absolutely delicious and far tastier than an ordinary run-of-the-mill sausage casserole’. Plus it calls for minimum ingredients.

Cumberland sausages with veg

sausageThis delightfully simple recipe allows the ingredients to shine. The root vegetables melt in the mouth, and perfectly complement the coarse-textured Cumberland sausage. Pick your accompanying vegetables according to the season – courgette, peppers and peas would all work well.

Homemade pork sausage with gravy

sausage“To get the very best sausage and mash, you really must make your own sausages,” says recipe author and meat expert Anneka Manning. Here she shows us how to do it. Natural sausage casings are made from animal intestines (usually pig or sheep) and are available from most butchers.

Bacon and sausage breakfast strata

Bacon and sausage breakfast strataBacon or sausage? A dilemma best solved by simply having both at once. Throw in some onions and egg plus cheese to make this amazing American breakfast 'strata'. Enjoy with a fresh cup of coffee or tea and a thick slice of bread and butter. 

Sweet potatoes with spicy sausage

sausagePerfect for those evenings when you just want a baked potato, this is like having your breakfast and supper all in one. You can use bacon instead of sausage if you prefer, and leave out the cheese if you’re not keen on it – but don’t leave out the chilli!

Smoked sausage and bean soup

soupRecipe queen Rachel Allen comes up with an original way to use smoked sausage, combining it with vegetables, garlic, fresh herbs and beans in a healthy soup. It’s easy to make and quite light too, so would work well during balmy summer evenings. Serve with crusty bread, if desired.  

Lamb sausage kebabs

A juicy take on lamb köfte (pictured above), these are a sure-fire hit at any barbecue. Outside the summer months, they can be easily grilled instead. Squeezing the liquid from the cucumber will prevent your tzatziki becoming watery, and don’t make it too far ahead either; it becomes more garlicky the longer it sits.

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