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Our mission statement: loveFOOD.com is passionate about creating fresh, accurate and insightful food and recipe content to inspire amateur home cooks, accomplished chefs and enthusiastic eaters alike. We're here to dish up cooking tips and advice, to share stories about food and culinary culture from around the world and, above all, to make you hungry.

We don’t like food. We LOVE food. Since you’re here, we’re guessing you feel the same. If we’re not eating, we're writing about food or cooking it. Our other interests include planning our next meal or snack, dreaming about food, and travelling (for food).

This website is a dynamic (and delicious) testament to that passion. If we love anything more than food itself, it’s sharing that love with others. That means you. From a foolproof recipe for pizza dough to the world’s weirdest new restaurant openings and the hole-in-the-wall spot where America’s first hamburger was served – we’re here to dig into, and write about, the best food and drink stories from around the world.

Whether you’re a fan of fries, fine dining, or both, we’ve got something for you. Perhaps you have a penchant for potatoes (in every form) or nurture your sourdough starter like a beloved pet. Maybe you regularly turn out Michelin-worthy meals at home – or much prefer eating to cooking. Here, you’ll find carefully curated collections of recipes (from comfort food and curries to soups and salads), genius cooking tips and restaurant roundups. But you’ll also find food-focused travel guides, nostalgic (and sometimes hilarious) retrospectives on dishes of decades gone by, and deep dives into culinary history.

loveFOOD.com is brought to you by digital publisher Love Incorporated, who also publish loveEXPLORING.com,  lovePROPERTY and loveMONEY.com. Love Incorporated is a fully independent company with a proud history of producing trusted digital content since 2007. Our award-winning journalism is free of any bias or external influence.

We are headquartered in the UK but our vastly experienced writers and editors are based around the world, giving us a truly global outlook. Our rigorous editorial standards ensure that we produce accurate, helpful and insightful content that is enjoyed by millions of people in different countries.

Meet the team

Dom Eames, Editor-in-Chief

After spending his twenties writing and producing film and TV, Dom has been leading award-winning digital editorial teams for Channel 4, Virgin Media and MSN.com, and currently leads the LoveInc. editorial team. He has written extensively on lifestyle subjects and enjoys challenging himself cooking new recipes and sampling delicious food from around the world. 

Ella Buchan, Editor

A journalist and editor for two decades, Ella cut her teeth on the lifestyle desks of magazines and newspapers before fulling sinking those teeth into food writing. She worked as a freelance travel writer for titles including National Geographic Traveller, the Times and the Independent – telling the stories of people and places through food and drink – before leading the loveFOOD team. She’s co-authored a proudly niche cookbook on food in gothic literature, is pretty decent at baking and breakfast, and is officially a professional wine drinker, having achieved her WSET Level 3.

Emily Shardlow-Price, Features Editor

Having trained as a chef in one of Gordon Ramsay’s kitchens and with experience as a food stylist, recipe writer and restaurant critic, Emily has extensive knowledge of the food world. She spent 10 years living in the Middle East, where she was the food writer for the UAE’s leading English-language newspaper and the launch editor for an industry-leading monthly food and lifestyle magazine. Having relocated to Scotland in 2021, she now runs a food-focused luxury Airbnb with her husband and cooks for her harshest critics (her three children). 

Jessica Morris, Features Editor

As the daughter of a professional chef, Jess was fortunate enough to have grown up in an environment filled with all things delicious. As a teenager, she worked in her parents’ award-winning gastropub, helping to put together menus and sneaking behind the scenes to taste the chefs’ new creations. A few years, one university degree and a whole host of writing and editing jobs later, food is still her passion. These days, even when she’s not working, she can be found seeking out amazing new restaurants – and queueing video after video of foodie content on YouTube.

Natasha Lovell-Smith, Features Writer

Born in Wales and living in Essex, Natasha got her start in food trade publishing before editing a glossy British food magazine for over a decade. Over this time, she co-founded a British food and drink awards scheme and worked on projects with some of the UK’s top chefs and influencers. Since joining loveFOOD she has grown a real interest in retro Americana, particularly historic burgers, sandwiches and old-school comfort food with a story to tell. She plans all of her travels around amazing food, and some of her favourite cities to explore include Naples, Kraków, Seoul and Osaka.

Lottie Woodrow, Features Writer

Growing up in the early 2000s as a vegan wasn’t easy, but that just made Lottie’s love for food bloom into one of her greatest passions. She has spent her career working across the luxury lifestyle sector and now specialises in food culture. When she isn’t busy writing, you can usually find her walking along the East Sussex coastline, trying out Brighton's latest vegan restaurant opening, or nose-deep in a cheesy crime novel.  

Freelance writers & editors

Our brilliant in-house team is supported by a network of experienced and award-winning freelance food and recipe writers and editors, who help to create the fresh, dynamic food content people really want to read.

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