Seasonal March dishes

March foods in season and what to cook with them

The first signs of spring are starting to appear, giving plenty of opportunities to brighten up our plates. From spring onions and rabbit to wild garlic and rhubarb, these are the foods in season this month and some great recipes to make with them.


Asparagus, radicchio, spring onions and the appearance of wild garlic add splashes of colour and flavour to this month's dishes. Winter veg is still very much on the menu as well, courtesy of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, Jerusalem artichokes, kale, leeks and parsnips. It's also time to embrace rhubarb (yes, technically a vegetable) in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Vegan cauliflower dhansak

Kung pao roasted broccoli

Rhubarb crumble tray-bake cake

Grilled broccoli with makhani sauce

Sherry-braised radicchio

Sherry raddichio
On The Side/Bloomsbury Publishing


It’s time to start saying goodbye to game, although rabbit and venison are still good options. Lighter spring dishes lend themselves to poultry and pork, and of course, spring lamb.

Saffron chicken korma

Lamb meatballs in yogurt, pea and herb broth

Char siu pork with pak choy

Warm maftool salad with za’atar chicken

Rhubarb and ginger jam lamb chops

Ginger rhubarb lamb
Comfort/Kyle Books


It’s the last month for a while to enjoy cockles, oysters and winkles at their best. Mussels, scallops and cold-water prawns are also good, while March is the time for halibut, cod, salmon and haddock to shine.

Pan-fried salmon with pine nut salsa

Quick mustard prawn curry

Smoked haddock with cheese sauce

Spicy salmon quiche

Prawns, spring onions and bacon with cheesy polenta

Cheesy polenta


We’re still waiting on the arrival of native fruit so grab the last of the blood oranges, grapefruits and other citruses while you can. Keep enjoying the likes of kiwi fruit, passion fruit and pomegranates.

Lime cracker pie 

Blood orange and cardamom sorbet

Orange and passion fruit cake

Champagne and grapefruit jellies

French lemon cream tart

Lemon cream tart
Food52 Genius Desserts/Ten Speed Press


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