Seasonal August dishes

Updated on 03 August 2019

August foods in season and what to cook with them

In August, reap the late-summer bumper crop of vegetables, gorge on stone fruit and berries and indulge in excellent seafood and prime cuts. Make the most of the warm weather by eating outdoors – there’s no better time to fire up the barbecue or head out for a picnic. Take a look at August’s best seasonal ingredients and save the brilliant dishes to make with them.


It's peak season for salad ingredients such as beetroot, celery, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes and watercress, and the fields are packed full of juicy corn ready to be harvested. There are also plenty of broad beans, courgettes, green beans, marrows, peas, peppers, runner beans and spinach around. Make sure you seek out artichokes and aubergines before the month is over.

Beetroot patties

Aubergine chilli traybake

Broad beans with lettuce, shallots and mint

Spinach and ricotta pie

Egg and lettuce salad

Egg and lettuce saladMandalay/Bloomsbury


Game season in the UK starts on 12 August, also known as the Glorious Twelfth, with grouse but you’ll also find wood pigeon and rabbit on menus at this time of year. New to cooking game birds? Check out our complete guide to cooking feathered game here.

Beef, lamb (particularly the salt marsh variety) and venison are also great for cooking on the barbecue as are sausages and burgers.

Beef steak salad

Sticky chicken wings

Shredded Mexican beef tacos

Barbecued cumin lamb chops

Spiced beef skewers

Beef skewersSaffron in the Souks/Kyle Books


There's an abundance of seafood to cook with in August. Catches of the month include salmon, cod, sole, mackerel, plaice, pollock, squid and sea bass. There’s also some luxurious shellfish fresh for the picking: crab, langoustines and scallops.

Corn fritters with salmon and poached eggs

Prawn, pea and courgette risotto

Seafood paella

Crab spaghetti

Indian fish and chips

Indian fish and chipsMowgli Street Food/Nourish Books


Enjoy all the stone fruit, like plump peaches, plums, apricots and cherries the only way possible – with juices running down your arm. August is also the time to make the most of the last hurrah of the blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Start to look out for sweet blackberries, on the supermarket shelves and in the hedgerows.

Blueberry and honey cornbread cake

Cherry and almond galette

Blackberry and pistachio cake

Apricot tart

Plum, blackberry and bay friand bake

Plum, blackberry and bay friandOttolenghi Simple/Ebury Press


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